Nokia Taps Your Imagination with NFC

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The acronym N-F-C is not as familiar to consumers as, say SIM or WiFi, but NFC (Near Field Communication) chips will hopefully be as common in mobile phones as Bluetooth. NFC chips allow hardware (smartphones) to communicate easily and securely with other NFC devices. One example is that with a tap of an NFC equipped smartphone to a similarly equipped speaker, both will immediately connect and the speaker will play tuned on the smartphone automatically. This was actually demonstrate in an earlier event by Nokia that introduced the technology on their phones and accessories.

There are already a number of phones that have the NFC chip in them such as the Nokia 700 and 701 phones, newer Blackberry phones, as well as a number of Android phones. If the technology becomes widespread, it will also allow users to make transactions through NFC-equipped phones instead using cash or credit card.

Press Release:

Get ready to experience the easiest and fastest way to connect and interact with other devices as Nokia introduces Near Field Communication (NFC) in its new range of smartphones!

NFC is an innovative technology which allows contactless data exchange between two devices in close proximity to each other. It makes it easy for your phone to instantly pair, share and tag with other mobile devices and accessories through a simple tap!

Share your favorite photos or videos with friends and family or pass on contact details quickly with just a tap on the phone you want to pass it to. Enjoy the best musical entertainment alone or share in a party by pairing with compatible headphones and speakers. Have hands free conversations while doing other things by connecting to a compatible headset.

Enter a whole new world of exciting content with NFC tags. Download the latest trailer or songs by tapping the poster you see on the street. Find out the colour and sizes available for that must-have jacket with a tap on the in-store display or get directions to the coolest restaurant in town from its interactive ad.

Taking apps to the next level, NFC also allows you to feel the excitement of multiplayer gaming.  Tap into the challenge of Asphalt 5 or Angry Birds Magic with your friends.

NFC enabled smartphones include Nokia 701, Nokia 700, Nokia 603, Nokia C7 and Nokia N9. Compatible accessories are Nokia Play 360 wireless speaker, Nokia BH 219 headset and Nokia BH 505 stereo headset.

For starters, enjoy convenient NFC service for your smartphones with Smart’s Tap Share program. Inquire about your prepaid balance or download mobile content such as news, music, and games by simply tapping on NFC-marked posters in select Smart Wireless Centers and Smart Stores nationwide. This means you don’t need to memorize lengthy keywords, codes, and URLs to enjoy Smart’s service.

To avail of Tap Share, existing Nokia C7 users can update their phone software by going to their phone’s update menu or by connecting their phone to their PC via Nokia PC Suite.

Ultimately, Nokia makes mobile experience more enjoyable and convenient with just a tap.