Give Some Blackberry Love on the Day of Hearts with These Valentine’s Day Apps

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Published on February 14, 2012 with No Comments

Saint Valentine’s Day, or more commonly known as Valentine’s Day, is a time where lovers celebrate their affection through gifts and letters. Turn on the romance this Valentine’s Day with these apps from BlackBerry App World!

Set the mood with Love Eternal and customize your phone with Valentine’s Day themes. Then download Owl Messenger  and send a heartwarming Valentine’s postcard to your honey. If you want to go even more creative, Valentine’s Day will surely provide some tips on the best date ideas. But if you prefer to spend time together at home, you can still have lots of fun solving romantic jigsaw puzzles, courtesy of Magic Puzzles: The Romantic Collection. Or you can have a great time as you help Crazy Man find his love as he crosses continents to save his kidnapped girlfriend in Crazy Survival 1.5 World.

Love Eternal

Love Eternal is a theme customized for Valentine’s Day and features new OS 7 icons in sepia and a smooth user’s experience.

This app is free and can be found on BlackBerry App World.

Crazy Survival 1.5 World 

 Crazy Man and his girlfriend were happily together until a hooligan kidnapped her and stole the peace and life from Crazy Man. Now to find his romantic half, Crazy Man has to fight against the whole world. He will cross countries and continents, but will he find her? Help Crazy Man find his love today!

This app is free and can be found on BlackBerry App World.

Valentine’s Day

Looking for romantic ideas, ways to impress girls or to create happy lifelong relationships? Valentine’s Day is the app for you! This app includes tips ranging from best date ideas to love quotations and is perfect for planning your dream date!

This app is free and can be found on BlackBerry App World.

Owl Messenger

Create fun postcards with Owl Messenger and send it to your loved one via email. Owl Messenger offers six predefined message themes, including ‘Valentine’s’ for romantic postcards. You can customize the font, background image, and color of a message. You can use your own photos as postcards!

This app is free and can be found on BlackBerry App World.

Magic Puzzles:  Romantic Collection

Team-up with your special someone to solve this app’s addictive Valentine’s-themed jigsaw puzzles.  The level of complexity is determined by the number of pieces in the puzzle, which varies from an easy 42 to a whopping 288 pieces.

The app costs USD 2.99 (around PhP127) from BlackBerry App World.