Youth Comes in Duos – Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Review

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Published on March 02, 2012 with No Comments

I’ve always used dual sim phones since I’m sure I will definitely lose a phone if I ever have two phones. There are only a handful of models from major phone manufactures that has this feature so that automatically discounts the iPhones and Androids from my choices until now. Samsung gives its uber successful budget Android phone, the Galaxy Y a boost, giving it a double purpose with the DUOS upgrade.

First thing you will notice is that it looks exactly like the Samsung Galaxy Y, the DUOS sign at the bottom part of the phone is the only thing that differentiates them. For those who don’t know about the Galaxy Y, it sports an Android Gingerbread 2.3 OS with a 3.1 inch QVGA screen and an improved 3 mega pixel fixed focus camera.

I immediately connected a Google account then it just automatically imports my contact list. I then went online using WiFi; connection was a breeze, to start browsing stuff to get on the Android Marketplace. I picked a couple of  social network apps like Twitter and Foursquare, downloading and installation was done flawlessly.  The apps ran well considering the specs of the unit.

Let’s talk about the feature that enticed me into trying out the phone, the dual active sim capability. Active dual SIM capability allows both SIMs to be active simultaneously and allow calls to be received on either number at any given time. To call or send SMS, you can choose which sim is the one to be used.  To change to an active sim, you have to select it on the pull down screen, where you can also have access to other functions like WiFi, Bluetooth and others. In terms of ease of use, my current phone still trumps this as there is a side button to instantly choose the active sim.

Internal memory is 160mb with an option to add a microSDHC for up to 32GB of memory.

In terms of size, it more or less the same size as my current Samsung dual sim phone. If fits nicely into my pocket and handles well. The Galaxy Y Duos weighs in at a light 97 grams.

Battery life is sufficient for basic phone and sms use, I’m not a heavy user so the 1300 mAh battery lasts me around 2 ½ days including some app usage. You can actually track your usage through the included settings.

Want to experience the Android OS while having dual sim capability to boot then you should definitely check out the new Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS retailing at a budget friendly price of P8,990.

Plus – A good entry level Android phone with dual sim capabilities

Minus- Changing the active sim is not as easy as using a dedicated button. Battery life could be better.

Rating – 7/10