Asus Launches New Portables with Pink Flare

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Published on April 01, 2012 with No Comments

Asus recently launched its latest notebooks to the market. Aside from the spec upgrades, Asus has also updated the design of these portables to give it more FLARE. To be more specific, these latest portables has the Taiwanese company’s Flare design concept which raises the style points on these portables.

The Asus Eee PC X101 line is the company’s most afforable netbook line. With the Flare update, not only does the new X101CH have a trendy design and Black and Red colors to choose from, it also uses Intel’s latest Atom CPUs known as Ceder Trail. The Atom N2600 CPU is capable of playing full 1080p videos which wasn’t possible with previous Atom CPUs. The processor is capable of providing better performance while giving off less heat and better battery life. In fact, the X101CH doesn’t even have an exhaust fan to dissipate heat.

The Eee PC 1025C has a bit more power than the X101 with its Intel Atom N2800 Ceder Trail CPU. However, with that speed bump, it still doesn’t compromise on battery life. How long with the 1025C last on one charge? How about 12 hours? A 12 hour netbook that has the performance for Full HD video in a stylish metallic side body and a metallic paint texture. The Eee PC 1025C boasts a 2 second boot time from sleep with Instant On. The Eee PC 1025 is available locally in Paris Pink and City Grey.

The Flare-designed 12″ 1225B netbook has style without being overt. Available in Matte Grey and Matte Red, the 1225B is one of the few 12″ netbooks around and now it has been updated with AMD’s E-450 APU. With the E-450 APU, you get even more performance than even current netbooks. AMD’s APU even allows some 3D gaming at decent speeds, which is almost unheard of in netbooks.

Also at the launch is the Hot Pink Zenbook Ultrabook. While it may still have the same specs as the other Zenbooks, it still isn’t something to sneeze about. It packs Intel’s 2nd Generation Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, and an SSD. It still boasts the 2 second boot from sleep in a form factor that thin and light.

While the Hot Pink Zenbook is definitely a stunner, it is after the first impressions that makes it shine. Opening the Zenbook, you notice that the neon pink color extends to the bezel of the 13″ display. Contrasted with the black finish of the keyboard and touchpad, makes the Zenbook even more elegant. A nice touch is the pink letters on the keys which adds to the elegance of this Zenbook.

Press Release:

ASUS Philippines launched the next generation of PCs that are colorful, stylish and powerful enough to flare up this summer season. Attended by today’s Tech, Fashion and Lifestyle bloggers, ASUS unveiled 4 new fashionable models at BIZU restaurant in Makati. The Eee PCX101H, Eee PC1025C, Eee PC1225B and UX31 Zenbook Hot Pink are the perfect gadgets for the travelling  fashionista, the stylish young executive or the trendy college queen.

Eee PC X101CH

The Eee PC X101CH is ASUS’s most affordable netbook, its body is texturized to give a better grip and feel while having a sleek 1” thin body makes it easy and light to carry around since it’s just one kilogram. Also with the new Intel Atom Cedar-Trail N2600 processor, the X101CH has no exhaust fan since it can dissipate heat on its own effectively and adding HD capabilities, the X101CH can play FULL HD 1080p videos for better multimedia entertainment. The X101CH is available in Black and Red for SRP Php13,995 and Php15,995 with Windows 7 Starter.

Eee PC 1025C

The Eee PC 1025C/Eee PC 1025CE has a new FLARE design concept, having a stylish look with its metallic side body and metallic paint texture. ASUS made the 1025C more responsive with Instant On – an attribute that allows user to turn on the PC from sleep in two seconds. Battery life is now up to 12 hours with the 1025C as its also using the latest Intel Atom Cedar Trail N2800 processor for better video, processing and battery saving. The 1025C is available in the Philippines in two colors — Paris Pink and City Gray with the SRP of Php16,995.


ASUS’s bestselling 12” netbook the 1215B is now upgraded to the FLARE design concept, incorporating a more stylish and corporate look. With a metallic paint texture the Eee PC 1225B is equipped with an AMD E-450 APU processor which brings stunning visuals in an energy efficient netbook. The 1215B is now equipped with a smart webcam with 4x zoom functionality for better webcam experience. The SRP for the 1225B is Php22,995 and its available in Matte Gray and Matte Red.


The popular ASUS Zenbook is now available in a fashionable HOT PINK color, bringing true beauty and balance for performance and portability in one stunning machine. The ZENBOOK Hot Pink boast a neon pink color on the lid while the inner body is coated in black for a seductive look and prints of the keyboard are printed in pink to stand out against the crowd. The ASUS Zenbook Hot Pink still boasts of incredible speed with 2 seconds Instant On, incredible performance with 2nd Gen Intel Core processors and incredible beauty with a 3mm height in front and 9mm height at the back. The ZENBOOK Hot Pink will be available by 1st week of April with the SRP of Php59,995.

The Asus Eee PC X101CH will retail for PhP13,995 and PhP15,995 with Windows 7 Starter Edition while the Eee PC 1025C is available for PhP16,995 and the 1215B can be had for PhP22,995. As for the Hot Pink Zenbook, it is available for PhP59,995. All these fashion trendy portables are available this summer.