Samsung Smart TVs Now with Voice and Motion Controls

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Published on April 23, 2012 with No Comments

Today’s TVs are more than just resolution and video quality. While these are important, new TVs need to stand out with even more features and accessibility. With this in mind, TVs need to be more powerful to handle all the features users want or will want. As such, Samsung’s latest Smart TVs not only provide excellent video quality but power as well with a dual-core processor. And just like those As Seen On TV ads, “Wait, there’s more!”

The latest Smart TVs from Samsung are built under their new design pillars of Smart Interaction, Smart Content, and Smart Evolution. With each pillar, Samsung has added more intuitive features as well as content and upgradability that other brands do not have.

Smart Interaction brings voice and motion control functionality to TVs. Simple commands and hand gestures allow users to change the channel and volume without the need for a remote control. While Smart Interaction does not replace the remote control, it complements the remote by having more choice and convenience to users. Voice control also allows users to search for content via its built-in browser by speaking to the TV. The Smart TV is capable of recognizing 30 languages.

Another feature of Smart Interaction is Face Recognition. Face Recognition allows the TV to recognize users and automatically signs in the user to their Samsung account thus enabling social functions such as Twitter and Facebook access from the TV without having to enter the password everytime.

Smart Content gives users access to more content than just over the air antenna, or cable. With the latest Smart TV, users get exclusive content online or though apps from Samsung Apps. Samsung has also done deals with content providers such as Viki Premiere to provide HD content exclusively available through the Smart TV. Other Smart Content features are Family Story which lets you organize photos and create slideshows from the Smart TV. Fitness which not only gives you exercise content but also connects the Smart TV to a Samsung smartphone that will track and manage users’ weight goals as well as use the built-in camera of the TV as a virtual mirror. Lastly, Kids provide content that are both entertaining and informative to children which parents can monitor and control.

With the new Smart TVs, Samsung has updated AllShare with AllShare Play that allows different AllShare devices to see and share media content from one another.

While the latest Smart TV is fast enough to multi-task with its dual-core processor; that might not be true in the next year or two. Smart Evolution essentially allows you to upgrade the Samsung Smart TV without having to replace the whole TV. When new features are available, Samsung will offer the Evolution Kit that will just replace obsolete components of the Smart TV which will add more features thus extending the life of the Smart TV.

The new Smart TVs comes in two LED models (ES8000 LED TV and ES7500 LED TV) and a Plasma model (ES8000 Plasma). All models are available in 46” and 55” display.