APC Protects Businesses From The Energy Crisis

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Published on May 03, 2012 with No Comments

Mindanao is in dire straits. The power crisis that gripped the region has businessmen worried. Revenue is lost by the thousands, every day.

A recent survey conducted by the Mindanao Development Authority and reported by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Mindanao Chapter) on the impact of brownouts to businesses in Mindanao stated that 84 percent of businesses incurred severe revenue drop, reaching as high as P50,000 per every hour of power shortage.

Other businessmen are worried that the power crisis currently besetting Mindanao would soon hit Luzon if no direct action is taken.

The Subic Bay Freeport Chamber of Commerce cited a study conducted by a team of engineers from the University of the Philippines’ National Engineering Center that predicted that brownouts will be growing in frequency in Luzon. It is predicted that by 2014, brownouts will occur 84 days a year.

The Need For Back Up Power

In the face of this scenario, small and large businesses need critical back up power or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for its IT infrastructure to ensure continuity of operations and prevent data loss. Schneider Electric, a global energy specialist in more than 100 countries, offers a series of APC by Schneider Electric’s Back-up UPS which provides abundant power, so employees of small and large businesses can continue to work through medium and extended length power outages.

“APC by Schneider Electric carries a line-up of Back-up UPS that caters to the needs of all types of customers. We also offer energy solutions to companies to prevent loss of critical data, thereby preventing monetary losses to businesses,” Jeff de Sousa, Vice President for IT Business of Schneider Electric, said.

APC by Schneider Electric’s Back-up UPS Pro ensures availability and higher energy efficiency for residential, business network, data center, and manufacturing environments.

The APC by Schneider Electric’s Back-up UPS includes Pro 1200/1500, Pro 900, and Pro 550 with different specifications based on the needs of the customer. These feature automatic voltage regulation (AVR), which instantly adjusts high and low voltages to safe levels, so you can work uninterruptedly during brownouts and over voltages.

The series of Back-up UPS Pro includes unique “green” features like power-saving outlets that automatically turn off idle peripherals. A high-efficiency charging system and “AVR Bypass” also reduce power consumption and features an LCD display which gives the status of over 20 different utility and battery back-up conditions.

The UPS’ Battery Backup and Surge Protected Outlets keep a CPU, monitor, and other critical devices running when the power is out or fluctuates and protects printers, faxes, and other equipment.

The Data Line Surge Protection guards against surges and spikes travelling over the Ethernet and telephone lines while the PowerChute Software allows access to additional power protection and management features.

The Push Button Circuit Breaker, meanwhile, enables quick recovery from overload. Customers can also enjoy a 2-year warranty, equipment protection policy and free technical and online support.