Good Things Come in Small Packages – Western Digital 2TB My Passport Review

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Published on May 16, 2012 with No Comments

They say that Technology is constantly changing. Processors get faster, storage gets larger, and laptops get thinner. Despite these changes, these improvements, there will always be one constant. We want more!

This is especially true when it comes to storage. As we do everything digitally, we accumulate more data; we save our photos, our videos, our music, and other files in our hard drives. As we get better cameras, better media devices that create bigger files, we tend to border on becoming digital hoarders.

It’s a good thing that we have external drives to store our precious data. For a while, hard drive manufacturers have sold 2TB external drives but these were big, bulky, and needed a power brick to work. Not really that portable. On the other hand, hard drive makers such as Western Digital have sold smaller, more portable My Passport external drives that only needs one USB cable to work. Unfortunately, these drives are only limited to 1TB. Until now…

Western Digital is the first to sell a portable external drive at 2TB. It also uses USB 3.0 which significantly speeds up the transfer when connected to another USB 3.0 device. This is essential especially when transferring large files to fill up 2TBs.

While the 2TB My Passport uses USB 3.0, the drive is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports, but if you want to get the most out of the drive you spent your hard earned money on, then it has to be paired with a USB 3.0 port.

How fast is the difference? We have two different ways to test the speed of the drive. Our first test is the Big File Test where we transferred a 20GB to and from the drive as well as a Small Files Test where we transferred a 41GB folder containing over a hundred files to test the read and speed when transferring multiple files. To get our figures, we used FastCopy.

In our Big File Test, we got an average of 29.09MB/s in 713.91sec Reads and 27.01MB/s in 768.79sec using USB 2.0. In comparison, we got 73.79MB/s in 281.41sec Reads and 73.88MB/s in 281.08sec Writes using USB 3.0. We were essentially getting more than twice the speed and less than half the time transferring files with USB 3.0 than 2.0.

We also got the same results in our Small Files Test where we got an average 29.03MB/s in 1473.76sec Reads and 26.59MB/s in 1608.62sec for Writes in USB 2.0 while we got 70.46MB/s 607.14sec for Reads and 70.61MB/s in 605.88sec for Writes.

In terms of build quality, the My Passport is built solid. Although made of plastic, it is tough enough to withstand a few light bumps and scratches but I wouldn’t recommend physically abusing the My Passport. The bottom of the drive has four rubber feet to prevent accidental slides.

There is also a small white LED beside the USB 3.0 port to monitor the drive activity. Personally, I wish the LED was placed at the top of the drive to easily monitor the drive at a glance.

As with all Western Digital external drives, the My Passport includes free software to easily back up and manage the drive (SmartWare) as well as Western Digital’s security software to encrypt the drive for added security.

The WD My Passport is the currently the only portable external drive with a 2TB capacity. With USB 3.0, it is also a speed demon when transferring between the drive and a USB 3.0-equiped machine. Unfortunately, it is also quite pricey at PhP11,099.

Plus: Large capacity at 2TB; Speedy USB 3.0; Portable

Minus: Expensive

Bottomline: As much as I’d like to give the My Passport a 10/10, the price is deal-breaker for most people but for those that storage is essential, then My Passport is worth the money.

Rating 9/10