Dell Windows 8 Devices Leaked; Coming Late 2012

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courtesy of Neowin

It looks like the Windows 8 devices rumor mill is starting to gain some steam as Neowin is showing leaked images of tablets carrying Microsoft’s latest Windows OS. The tablet, or to be precise, tablet(s) in question come from Dell.

It looks like Dell will have not one, but two devices carrying Windows 8. First up is the 12.5” XPS 12 transforming laptop. From the leaked image, the design is copied from the discontinued Dell Inspiron Duo where the display rotates within its bezel to transform the laptop into a tablet. With that in mind we can assume that the display is touch-sensitive which is necessary when using the XPS 12 as a tablet. Another assumption that we can make, if the rumor is true, is that the XPS12 will run on Intel’s Core processors because only the chipsets running these processors have the Intel Rapid Start technology.

courtesy of Neowin

The second rumored device is a tablet with a smaller 10.1” display. The Dell Latitude 10, as it is rumored, is use the less powerful Intel Atom Clover Trail processor. The Latitude 10 will use 2GB of the older DDR 2 RAM and will have “up to” 128GB of SSD storage. From the image, the Latitude 10 will have a swappable battery and will have a 2 cell and a 4 cell battery option with 30WHr and 60WHr capacity respectively.

According to Neowin, the images come from a presentation by Foxconn.

Source: Neowin, Neowin

Via: The Verge