Asus EA-N66 Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Review

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Published on May 28, 2012 with No Comments

Asus has indeed come out with very good networking products lately; this includes the RT-N66U Router we reviewed not too long ago. The new EA-N66 ethernet adapter comes almost right after the router to further expand wireless networking capabilities of SOHOs as well as power home users.

The unit can be used in three modes: as a wireless repeater, as an adapter to connect a device to your wireless network, and as a wired access point/range extender connected to your router via a really long Ethernet cable. It is however too expensive a wireless adapter, at PhP5,990, if used as one.

In the box are the unit, an Asus flat Ethernet cable, and a power adapter. At first glance, the oddly named EA-N66 is like a high-tech communication device taken right out of a sci-fi movie. Integrated with the design are three powerful orthogonal antennas to effectively perform its repeater duties.

Before using it, you just need to connect the device to a laptop or desktop computer and login through your web browser. The whole set-up procedure for the Repeater Mode took no more than five minutes.  The Asus EZ UI practically took care of anything, you just answer a couple of questions and you’ve expanded your network already.

Upon setting up at home, I took the repeater one floor down to expand the rather weak signal from the wireless router. It worked like a charm, effectively expanding the network on the whole second floor and the floor below it as well.  It doesn’t provide breakneck speeds due to the wireless connection limitations with the router. However, having wireless connection in virtually the whole house more than makes up for this.

From installation to set-up with the graphical EZ UI, the EA-N66 is a product of Asus’ commitment to making user-friendly devices. The management tool allows for schedule of use, RADIUS wireless control, and logging. The compact size, range, above-average performance, and ease of use combined makes this albeit pricey wireless device a real gem.

Plus: Simple set-up; Compact Size; Cool Design

Minus: Expensive

Bottomline: The Asus EA-N66 is a great and simple product if you want to extend your home/office network, unfortunately, it costs just as much as a good router.

Rating: 8/10