Happiness 2.0 – Asus Sense Experience and the Zenbook Prime

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Published on May 29, 2012 with No Comments

(Updated: Asus Philippines reconfirmed that the price of the Zenbook Prime UX31A is PhP69,995 from the original PhP74,990)

At the Opus Bar located in New Port Mall at Resort’s World, Asus launched the latest models of their whole product line. Asus is branding all their laptops with Happiness 2.0. The concept of Happiness 2.0, according to Asus, is that their products will tickle all 5 “Senses” which are Beauty, Sound, Touch, Cloud, and IOIC. According to Asus Marketing Manager, Jamie Zaldivar, “It’s not about the specs, it’s about the happiness of the customers with the 5 Senses.”

With Beauty, all Asus laptops are will be stylish and fashion conscious. No more flimsy plastics. In terms of Sound, all laptops, including the base models will include Sonic Master which is their own brand that improves the overall sound quality. Touch is represented by the improved feel of the keyboard and touchpad. This gives users a feel of quality and smoothness with the UI. Cloud features on the latest Asus laptops include WebStorage where users can store data in the cloud. Asus has also partnered with MyBitCast which is a memo app on both desktop and mobile devices that will sync all the users’ memo so that they will be able get their memo’s no matter what device they are currently using. Finally, IOIC or Instant On, Instant Connect gives you performance with features such as Super Hyper Engine II that allow Asus laptops 2 second boot times from Sleep and Instant Connect that easily connects to Wireless networks.

However, the star of the show is the updated Zenbook. Last year, we saw the Taiwanese company’s Ultrabook offering with Zenbook. While it had its flaws, it was one of the best of the Ultrabooks when it came out. It had style with its aluminum finish and thin profile. But most importantly it had performance with Intel’s 2nd Generation Core-i processor, Sandy Bridge.

This year, Asus has updated the Zenbook to include Intel’s 3rd Generation Core-i processor (Ivy Bridge); now called, Zenbook Prime (UX31A).

According to Asus Philippines, they will only be bringing their top of the line 13” Zenbook Prime with the Ivy Bridge processor and 256GB SSD. It now has a full 1080p resolution IPS display. Asus is also touting what it calls, SuperBatt which they say offers 3x the battery life performance in terms of charging.

The Zenbook Prime still uses Bang and Olufsen ICEpower sound system which offers surprising sound quality for small speakers with Asus’ own Sonic Master. New to the Zenbook Prime is the backlit keyboard as well as the two USB 3.0 ports. The Zenbook Prime retains the wedge design of the previous Zenbook.

The top of the line Zenbook Prime (UX31A) with the 1080p display, backlit keyboard, 256SSD, and all other features will cost PhP69,995 and should be available in June along with the rest of the updated Asus laptops except for the G-series gaming laptop which will be available in July.