Samsung Galaxy S III Arrives at Our Shores for PhP32,990

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Published on May 29, 2012 with 2 Comments

To quote Steve Martin’s character in The Jerk, “It’s here! It’s here!” Next to the launch of a certain fruit-based consumer electronics company, Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone is highly anticipated. Last night at the NBC Tent at Bonfacio Global City, in a star-studded affair, the Samsung Galaxy S III has finally arrived on our shores.

Specs-wise, the Samsung Galaxy S III has it all. You get a 1.4GHz quad-core processor with 1GB RAM and 16GB storage for the base model. The display is a 4.8” HD Super AMOLED which gives you 720p resolution for crisp detail. It runs the latest Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. It also has an 8MP rear-facing camera and front-facing camera and specs found on other top-end Android phones.

What makes the Galaxy S III different from other Android phones is the way Samsung created features other than specs. These features are “Designed for Humans” such as the S Voice which is voice recognition. Now you may say that there is another device that did it first, but that is not the only thing the S Voice is capable of. You can personalize S Voice to let the Galaxy S III enter snooze when the alarm sound to give you the extra time to sleep.

S Beam allows you to transfer content from the Galaxy S III to another S Beam-enabled device by simply tapping their backs to one another.

Social tag uses face detection technology to detect faces in photos and assign contacts to them. This allows for simple tagging of friends and family in photos which can later be uploaded to social sites such as Facebook.

Smart Stay uses the front-facing camera to detect your eyes which prevents the Galaxy S III to automatically go to standby. This is particularly useful when reading an ebook or webpage. Even if you don’t touch the screen, if the phone detects eyes over it, it will not go to standby.

Smart Gestures uses intuitive motions to register commands. One such Smart Gesture is that when you want to make a call after receiving a text, you simply have to move the Galaxy S III to your ear and it will automatically call the person that texted you. You don’t need to go through the steps of going to the phone app, typing the contact, and tapping Call to do it. One simple motion and it is done.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is available in two colors, Pebble Blue and Marble White for PhP32,990. While the smartphone will be available unlocked around the 2nd week of June, Both Smart and Globe are already holding pre-orders on their sites and will be available on June 1st.

  • Galaxy Fan

    How many variants will be available for the Galaxy S III? You only stated one price, but mentioned base model.

    • JC Pulido III

      The price is for the 16GB base model. There is a 32GB model but no price has been stated.