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Published on June 11, 2012 with 2 Comments

For businessmen and techies alike, the word ThinkPad connotes toughness, security, and reliability. For 20 years, the ThinkPad name is all about getting things done no matter where and when.

Vicky Agorrilla, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines

“Innovation is in our DNA. Lenovo places utmost focus on the quality of innovation we bring to the market to achieve competitive differentiation,” said Vicky Agorrilla, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines. “Through the teardown session, we aim to show everyone why Lenovo’s ThinkPad has become such a well recognized icon in the personal computing industry.”

Lenovo invited members of the media to give us a breakdown of why ThinkPads have this legendary reputation of reliability and toughness by literally breaking down a ThinkPad.

So Wee Liam, Technical Manager Lenovo SEA, tears down a ThinkPad

All ThinkPads are designed to have a roll cage to prevent the ThinkPad from flexing. When a laptop flexes, it tends to damage the components inside such as the motherboard which can easily break.

Hard drive protection features such as the Flexible Connector of the hard drive and the hard drive protection plate and rubber rails protects the hard drive from hard motions or drops that can damage the hard drive. Speaking of dropping laptops, the Active Protection System detects when the ThinkPad is falling and automatically parks the head of the hard drive to prevent damage to the hard drive itself which can render data recovery impossible. This means that although you may have broken your ThinkPad, you can still be assured that the contents of its hard drive are still recoverable.

The Shock Absorbing Rubber Feet, which are inspired by cat’s feet, are designed to, not only prevent slipping in smooth surfaces but also provides minimal shock especially when transporting the ThinkPad from one table to another.

The keyboard is one of the more famous features of all ThinkPads. Long time ThinkPad users have always chosen ThinkPads because of the keyboard alone. Not only is the keyboard spill-resistant, ThinkPads are designed with a liquid drain system so that liquids up to 60cc flows away from the sensitive components inside the laptop.

ThinkPad designers have engineered its hinges for strength and longevity. Because laptops are open and closed more than once a day, the hinges of the laptop tend to take a lot of punishment. With that in mind, Lenovo used stainless steel in its hinges to take the abuse of constant opening and closing.

The ThinkPad Owl Silent Fan Technology allows a ThinkPad user to work silently even when the inside of the components heats up. The fan design provides optimum heat dissipation while still being as quiet as an owl.

It’s not all hardware though. Lenovo has software technologies encapsulated in its ThinkVantage suite that easily manages different aspects of the ThinkPad. The ThinkVantage suite allows users to easily backup and encrypt their data. Users can easily connect their ThinkPads to the office network with Access Connections as well as manage their ThinkPad’s power to give them longer battery life.

All of these features, both hardware and software, allow the Lenovo ThinkPads to pass the US Military’s Mil-Spec-810 standard.

  • Grinner

    Not “all Thinkpads” have the roll cage. it’s only for high end Thinkpads like The T and X Series.

    • Mister No

      Nonsense. What about R60, R61, R400, R500..? They are all built just like their T-series counterparts. Same roll-cages, same hinges, almost all except the mobo, which by the way also fits from R400 to R61 14.1″ wide screen model…

      Also, for those who don’t think TP’s are really that tough: I used to stand on T43-s, spill a glass of water onto the keyboard, throw them around the floor just to prove to the buyer that they can stand it. Of course, I also mentioned that it by all means isn’t the way they shoul treat it, but it is tough enough. I did the same with many R/T61-s, R/T400-s… They have another problem, and it’s the right hinge. It breaks from reason only it knows. Not when you try to break it, just when it feels like it.