AKG K512 Mk. II Headphones Review

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Published on July 02, 2012 with 1 Comment

A Comfortable Upgrade

One of the first reviews I wrote for Techindustriya was for the AKG K512 headphones. It was actually a pair of headphones that I actually owned and have been happy with it despite a few grievances. AKG through their local distributor, Beyond Innovations, sent us the Mk. II of the K512. Obviously, I had to take it out for a spin and compare it with the original.

At first glance the new Mk. II of the AKG K512 headphones looks a lot more stylish than the original. The design of the cups are now circular then the oval shape of the original. The padding on the cups are also noticeable as they are a light grey color complementing the grey plastic cups. Inside the cups are the large “R” and “L” letters denoting the ear placement of the headphones.

The single cable is a lengthy 2.5m which gives you enough mobility without taking off the K512 Mk. II. The gold-plated tip also has a screw to attach the included 6.5mm tip for use in components and amps.

The self-adjusting headband makes a return on the Mk. II. They have made some improvements to the band such as more padding for the head to rest as well as a looser elastic band. This is a major improvement as one of my complaints with the original K512 is that the headband tends to put pressure on the head.

The cups of the Mk. II are bigger than the original and have also added better, softer foam and fabric coverings which are more comfortable than the Mk. I. I could spend a few more hours gaming with the Mk. II without my ears heating up to irritable levels.

While the cups are more comfortable than the original, I noticed that the Mk. II doesn’t isolate as much of the sound as the original. It also gives a more air-y quality to the sound produced by the Mk. II. On this point, it really is much of a subjective opinion on whether you’d sacrifice the sound isolation for comfort or the vice versa.

The sound quality of the K512 Mk. II is about the same as the original K512. Although as stated above, because of the lack of isolation from the Mk. II, the headphone does lose some of its bass which can be a good thing as it accents more of the mids and highs. For those who want thumping bass they might want to stick to the original K512 Mk. I, but for a more balanced sound will want the Mk. II.

If there was any criticism about the first K512 is that style and comfort were just after thoughts and looked very much like cheap headphones. With the K512 Mk. II, AKG has improved the style a lot. It can now stand on its own being strutted around malls or parks.

Another criticism I mentioned when I reviewed the original K512 is that the self-adjusting band does put pressure on the top of my head which can induce slight nausea after a while. Thankfully, this has been remedied somewhat by loosening the tension of the band. The band is still a bit strong for my liking but it’s a lot more comfortable than before.

When I bought my K512 headphones, I got it for around PhP2,490. The Mk. II has an SRP of PhP3,590. At a PhP1,000 more, it might seem a lot for an upgrade but after playing with the Mk. II for a while, it is hard to go back to the Mk. I in terms of comfort alone.


Design: Closed, Circumaural

Frequency Response: 16Hz – 20kHz

Maximum Input Power: 200 mW

Input Impedance: 32 ohms

Sensitivity: 109 dB SPL/V

Cable: 2.50 m

Weight: 200 g

Plus: More comfortable than the Mk. I; Excellent sound quality for the price; More balanced sound quality than the Mk. I

Minus: Less isolation than the Mk. I

Bottomline: The AKG K512 Mk. II is more comfortable to wear while still retaining the audio quality of the original. A worthy upgrade.

Rating: 9/10

  • jon

    Good review. Didn’t know the MKI offered more bass. Liked the comparison. Loving my K512 MK2 even more :)