Divoom iFit-2 Speakers Review

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Published on July 04, 2012 with No Comments

Speakers For the Others

While the number of smartphones and tablets have been steadily increasing annually, it is only natural that accessories and peripherals to these devices become more available in the Philippines. With urban real estate becoming more and more expensive and hard to come by, the sizes of these accessories and peripherals–or the lack of it–becomes a huge determining factor.

One such device that works seamlessly with any smartphones and tablets is the Divoom iFit-2. Divoom is a Singapore-based company with products made out of China.  Well in these days what isn’t made in China?

Rhetorical question.

The Divoom iFit-2 is a compact rechargeable universal audio stand. It is not a dock, although it may look it. It has a trapezoidal shape, giving it a huge base to support devices much bigger than its size. It is made out of glossy, black hard plastic giving it an elegant and shiny finish. The stereo speakers are on either side of the backrest, the mini-USB (for charging), audio input and on/off button are laid out on the back. There is a hole at the bottom of the slot for your device to allow for cables to snake out discreetly if you need to charge.

It fits just about any multimedia-playing device in whatever orientation you wish, (landscape or portrait) with or without cases. It makes the iFit-2 one of the more flexible speakers of this type available in the market. Your device lays back at an angle for optimal viewing. It is not an easy and comfortable fit if your device has a case but it will hold it in place securely, which is all that matters.

Stick your device on it, plug the 3.5mm jack to your audio output and enjoy.  The audio output is quite robust considering the size of the iFit-2. It may not be arena-material but it will definitely get the party started and keep it going all night long with its 7-hour battery life. Playing audio at about 80% to 90% output is fine. Sound is crisp and clear with little to no distortion but maxing it out at 100% strains the speakers a bit too much and takes away from the listening pleasure.

It would have been more aesthetically pleasing had it allowed devices to dock and draw the audio from there without the single visible wire that takes audio from your device to the iFit-2 but at Php1750, it is hard to complain. You get a solid speaker that will satisfy any sane urge to play it loud, it is as compact and as portable as it gets and it looks good. For the budget-conscious, the Divoom iFit-2 fits the bill.

Plus: Size; Price

Minus: Not a dock

Bottomline: For the budget-conscious, the Divoom iFit-2 fits the bill.

Rating: 8/10