Cisco Linksys Launches New Routers with Cisco Connect Cloud

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Published on July 05, 2012 with No Comments

Cisco announced its latest line of home routers under its Linksys brand. The three new Smart WiFi Routers are the EA4500, EA3500, and EA2700. What makes these new routers Smart is that they can be managed through Cisco Connect Cloud.  The Connect Cloud service allows you to remotely manage routers associated to your Connect Cloud account. One example given is that you can manage the EA-series router of your in-laws while sitting comfortably in your house.

The EA4500 Smart WiFi Router comes with the four Gigabit ports and an USB port. In terms of wireless connectivity, the EA4500 allows for simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency at 450Mb/s each for a theoretical total of 900 Mb/s throughput. The can also be used as a DLNA media server so you can stream content from one device such as the external hard drive to a DLNA-enabled TV.

The EA3500 Smart WiFi Router is also a simultaneous Dual-Band router but is only limited to 750Mb/s 300Mb/s at 2.4GHz and 450Mb/s at 5GHz. It also doesn’t have the DLNA media server unlike the EA4500.

The EA2700 Smart WiFi Router offers simultaneous Dual-Band capabilities with a theoretical maximum speed of 600Mb/s at 300Mb/s for 2.4GHz and 5GHz each. It still has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports but does not have a USB port.

All three routers use the WiFi-N standard which is compatible with 802.11B, A, G, and N.

All EA-series routers are able to download Cisco Smart WiFi Apps from specifically designed to communicate with the EA-series routers. Third-party developers will be able to create apps for both iOS and Android to enhance the capabilities of the routers. Six applications are already available for mobile devices such as Block the Bad Stuff which allows you to manage the access of Internet content within the router. Hipplay allows you to stream content from one device such as a mobile phone or tablet to another device such as an Internet-enabled TV or a PC. Twonky is another media app that allows you to browse online video content and stream them to an Internet-enabled TV or any AirPlay device. Device Monitoring gives you real-time updates on your devices that are connected to the Smart WiFi Router which can give you notifications on the activities on each connected device. Nettproofer is another monitoring app that lets you restrict access to specific sites passing through the router to all or specific devices. Gemini IP Camera Viewer allows you to connect and monitor home monitoring equipment.

The EA-series Smart WiFi Routers are now available through authorized dealers. The EA4500 sells for PhP9,950 while the EA3500 costs PhP7,850 and the EA2700 for PhP5,550. The Connect Cloud service is available for free at the Google Play and iTunes stores while third-part app prices will depend on the each developer.

With the launch of the Linksys Smart WiFi Routers, Cisco is having a promotion where customers can win Cisco’s Smart Pack worth PhP100,000. From July 16 to August 31, anyone who purchases any of the new Linksys routers (EA4500, EA3500, and EA2700) at Octagon Computer Superstores in SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM SouthMall, SM MOA, Parksquare 1, Market Market, Glorieta, Festival Supermall, V-Mall, and Alabang Town Center.