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Published on July 05, 2012 with 19 Comments

Last week Starmobile has officially made its presence felt to the public via its media launch, and at the same time has introduced its newest line of smartphones, the FeatureSmart, dubbed as the “Game Changer”.

The smartphone that was announced at the launch was the FeatureSmart™ T601i which has a variety of features. Design wise, the T601i with its full 3.5in touchscreen, looks and functions just like any other smartphone in the market and will fit right in with the big boys. This however doesn’t mean that it doesn’t stand out from the crowd. One major draw to the T601i is its price, at a mere PhP3,290, a fraction of the cost of other smartphones available in the market.

The T601i features include: dual-SIM capabilities, WiFi connectivity, Mobile TV through a retractable antenna, built-in access to social media, supports Java apps, a 3.2MP camera, and a 3.5in capacitive touchscreen. The included brower is Opera Mobile. It also has exclusive access to and Job Market Online for real time updates. It features an internal memory of 50MB which can be increased via a microSD.

The T601i runs on Starmobile’s proprietary OS with 312MHz processor and 512MB RAM, powered by a 1150mAh Li-ion battery. From what we’ve noticed with normal use the battery lasts for about two days before running out. The phones basic functions are fast enough though its other functions leave a lot to be desired. Technically it can be classified as a smartphone though it is quite lacking in that department.

Its dual-SIM capabilities are easily accessed at the touch of a button, as both SIMs are active at the same time. Calling and texting using the different SIMs is quite easy as buttons switching between the two are available.

The 3.5in display is above average as images displayed are quite clear and vivid. The T601i’s touchscreen is quite responsive, but at times can seem a bit too sensitive as merely brushing by a function can cause it to open up.

The active wallpapers are quite an interesting addition to play around with. For example one wallpaper features a dinosaur with a volcano that shoots out flaming rocks when pressed.

The 3.2MP camera works well enough though picture quality could have been better. It also features a variety of modifiable options such as white balance and exposure value.

The mobile social media apps on the phone still connect via the Opera browser and as such seem more like bookmarks rather than actual “apps”. The Opera browser itself is quite clunky and as such internet browsing can be a bit of a hassle. Apps available on the App Store are quite limited and are quite simple looking.

The Mobile TV function is a quirky addition as unlike in other smartphones, it is a built-in feature, with its own retractable antenna. Channels are limited and reception at times is fuzzy, but it serves its purpose. A slight annoyance with the Mobile TV in its full screen function is that it only flips to one side and leaves the antenna at a weird position.

All in all, the T601i is an affordable dual-SIM smartphone that considering its cheap price functions well enough.

Pros: Sleek design , low price, Mobile TV, dual-SIM

Cons: Screen can be too sensitive, camera quality could be better

Bottomline: The T601i is a dual-SIM phone with basic smartphone capabilities for those who are looking for a affordable and cheap alternative entry-level smartphone.

Rating: 7/10

  • pikapowerize

    nice review.. i hope you could put some of the apps available on the app store… and try the apps outside the app store… i hope you could try the angry birds and fruit ninja…

  • pikapowerize

    are the apps that is on landscape mode run on the phone? what are the games and apps that you could suggest to us? please give us some…

  • charisse

    how can i buy this phone? are apps for androids compatible for this phone.. plz reply so i can decide to buy..tnx

    • Brent Co

      I’ve seen Starmobile phones being sold in Orange at V-Mall in Greenhills, I think other shops there carry this brand as well. Unfortunately the phone does not use Android OS and uses Starmobile proprietary OS. An Android powered phone at this price won’t produce favorable results anyway as it would be ridiculously slow.

  • Yciah Mcspadden

    how can i change the themes of my starmobile phone? pls? help me

    • Russell

      There aren’t really any themes to change.


    how many hours that the battery long for starmobile t601i unit may i know it?

    • Russell

      The battery life actually lasts quite a bit with normal use. It usually lasts a few days for me. That’s with texting and calling, some Mobile TV usage, and web surfing. Though extended use of the Mobile TV can drain the battery when put on speaker.

  • cody

    no GPRS

    • Russell

      Nope it doesn’t have GPRS.

      • SON

        it has GPRS

  • Divine Mysterie Dela Cruz

    It’s cool! But, how can I access fb if it doesn’t have GPRS? Regardless of the wifi connection. I got a hard time to connect. I registered for a fbconnection, yet I can’t browse.

    • Russell

      You should be able to access Facebook through the pre-installed app on the phone via a WiFi connection. I’ve been able to browse Facebook a few times through it, though it is a bit limited.

  • leni ruth asan

    May i know any service center in Bacolod City. Thank you.

    • Brent Co

      Maybe sending them an email would get a quicker and more accurate answer for you?

  • Raymund Yu

    why i can’t download games application and themes in starmobile t601i?

  • Raymund Yu

    My t601i allways reboot everytime i OPEN “APPS STORE” help! please..

  • dyeybi bordador

    how to hard reset my t601i

  • michellcruz

    san po b pwede makabli ng touch screen ng star mobile T60li