Helms iTooth 2 Bluetooth Headset Review

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Published on July 06, 2012 with No Comments

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There is an insanely wide variety of choices of Bluetooth headsets in the market. You can take your pick from the ultra expensive custom-fit-in-your-ear type, to the average and reasonably priced units and then there are the eye popping priced-like-an-infrared ones that, well, feels like a disposable.

The Helms iTooth 2 slots right in the middle of the pack with a supra-binaural headset, which means it has pads that sit exactly on top of both ears. It comes in black and is made of hard plastic. The black ear-pads–and the extra red ones in the box–are square and complements the boxy-type edges of the Helms iTooth 2 design.

It is a regular sized headset allowing Helms to space the buttons and controls out along its entire length. Everything is very visible and well laid out preventing any confusion. It also comes supplied with the charging cable that can connect to a USB port and the user manual but minus the wall charging plug.

Pairing is such a cinch and can’t be put any simpler, which is an awesome plus. You don’t want to pay for a device that’s made to make your life easier but does the exact opposite.

On the iPhone, I didn’t even need to enter any code and it can work with Siri! Now if only our 3G service were up to par with….well that’s for another article altogether.

Call audio is crystal clear on the Helms iTooth 2’s end although comments from the other end was it sounded just a little scratchy and there was a tiny bit of a reverb on the user’s voice but overall, the conversation was 100% audible and comprehensible.

Audio media, on the other hand, is superb. The Helms iTooth 2 is able to replicate the tones, highs and lows with spectacular clarity. I don’t really fancy headsets when listening to music but the Helms iTooth 2 is one of my exceptions to the rule.  Songs fade out and fade in when you switch between apps, like from the Music app to YouTube or when a call comes in. Even during a call, you’ll hear your SMS tone ring when a message come in.

Just gently tap (don’t need to click it) the very sensitive Multi-Function Button (MFB) on the general area below the + or just on top of the – sign and you either turn up or lower the volume. There is a next track or backtrack button on both edges of the MFB. Tap the MFB in the middle and it plays the track on the foreground of your device.

It only works with 1 Bluetooth-enabled unit at a time but can store up to 2 pairings at any given time.

A few things I don’t like tough – during Facetime, the menu for which speaker you want the device to use is displayed right smack in the middle of the screen and the face of the person on the other end hence ruining the “facetime” experience. Even after making your selection, it is still there. See below:

Don’t know if that’s an Apple thing or something Helms needs to fix but someone has to step up. Another is the shape – the hard plastic band that holds both ear pads is very flexible but almost horizontal at the top, which means it is wide and flat at the crown and that’s not a good combination for headsets. The result, when worn even on a regular-sized head, the Helms iTooth 2 ends up a bit A-shaped.

It’s not that bad but it could have been better. But as the saying goes, can’t have the best of both worlds.

At Php5,250 and for what it delivers in sound quality, it’s very good bebop for your buck.

Plus – Sound is excellent and very reasonably priced.

Minus – Price restricts its design and raw materials.

Bottomline: It’s not that bad but it could have been better.

Rating – 8/10