Nokia Asha 303 Touch and Type Review

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Published on July 11, 2012 with No Comments

Touch, Type, and Socialize

With the huge popularity of social networking in our country and the relatively fast pace that the Filipino people are adapting to technology, social networking applications is becoming such a norm that it would be unreasonable for new mobile phones coming out of the market to not have access to it.

It’s good that Nokia has found a new way to market the Asha 303 using social networking, by consolidating Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, and Flickr access all into a single app called “Social” in its Series 40 Symbian OS. It’s such a big help for Nokia users since it is getting harder to find a decent app for Symbian OS. What the “Social” app does is it gets updates from your social networking accounts and conveniently feed them to a small portion of the phone’s home screen.

Based on the looks alone, the LCD screen of the Asha 303 and its black border makes it look elegant. Meanwhile, its weight and slightly curved body makes it ergonomically appealing to the hands. The capacitive 2.6” touch screen responds better than other phones within its price range, although I find the QWERTY keymat positioned a little bit close to each other and sure gets a little getting used to to be able to type properly.

Being a long time Nokia user, I find little difference from its user interface. I’m still not sure if I should call it a classic or an outdated user interface. Either way I understand that Nokia wants to keep their phones as user-friendly as they can, that’s what made them famous anyway. But I think they need to step up their OS and user interface a bit to be able to catch up with their competitors.

Multimedia and entertainment applications on the Nokia Asha 303 are pretty decent, the 3.2MP camera produces average image qualities, and the phone is preloaded with a lite version of the popular Angry Birds game along with more games that lets you enjoy and maximize touch screen interaction.

Battery life is undeniably good, with normal calls and texts, posts and photos uploaded, and some mobile surfing it lasted me two days before having to charge it.

The Asha 303 being a touch and type phone with an SRP of PhP 6,450, might appeal more to the younger crowd. I don’t find the QWERTY keypad plus the small 2.6 inch touch screen display that friendly to the elderly, while business people will surely find the phone slow or capable of multi-tasking.

Pros: User friendly, responsive touch screen display, good battery life, reasonable price

Cons: Slightly cramped up QWERTY keymat, outdated user interface

Bottomline: Same Nokia feel with some extra social networking applications and a capacitive touch screen display to enhance user interface.

Rating: 7/10