AOC releases new 3D and IPS Display Monitors

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Published on July 13, 2012 with No Comments

AOC recently announced two 3D monitors and an IPS monitor as it partners with the 3D film, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift.

The D2357PH and the D2757PH models are AOC’s 3D 23” and 27” monitors featuring AOC’s Cinema 3D technology. Both AOC 57-series monitors include 2D to 3D conversion software so that you will be able to enjoy your 3D in all its glory. AOC is using Passive 3D technology similar to what LG is doing for their 3D TVs. The advantage of this is that you can have more affordable 3D glasses as well as not having the need to charge them. Along with the polarized glasses are clip-on 3D lenses for those that already wear glasses when you get either 3D monitor.

The 23” features a slim 5.8mm bezel while the 27” monitor features an even slimmer 2mm bezel around the screen. While the 23” uses traditional LCD technology, the 27” model features an IPS display.

The D2357PH will set you back PhP 16,400 while the D2757PH will set you back around PhP19,000.

The i2353PH is a 23” IPS monitor which boasts 50,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio. The i2353PH is designed to be stylish and fashionable with its 9.2mm slim bezel. It has a glossy black to complement the metal bezel and transparent crystal stand. The i2353PH also has illuminated soft-touch controls at the base. It can also be wall-mounted via the VESA mount.

The monitor has a Clear Vision function that allows you to upscale content to HD-quality from software.

The i2353PH is set you back PhP12,400.

The new monitors comes with 3 years warranty.