Western Digital Red Series Adds More Intelligence for RAIDs and NAS

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Published on July 24, 2012 with No Comments

Western Digital has always color-coordinated their internal hard drives. The Black series is their performance drives which gives you fast reads and writes The Blue series is their mid-range which gives you enough performance while giving you good power efficiency. The Green series is their most power efficient drives which offers excellent power efficiency. For a while, these three colors represented all of what most consumers needed when it comes to hard drives. When an enthusiast or gamer wants the best performance, they get the Black series. When a professional wants the most cost-effective, power efficient drives for their backup storage, they chose the Green drives, simple.

However, as enterprise features such as RAID enter the consumer space with their RAID or NAS boxes, a new type of drive that feature similar enterprise solutions are needed. Enter a new color, the Red series. These drives are specifically designed for solutions and boxes with multiple drives connected in an array which acts as one massive drive.

This where Western Digital’s Red series comes into play. The Red drives feature TLER or Time Limited Error Recovery which is a feature in more expensive enterprise-rated hard drives. TLER basically adds some intelligence to the drive so that it will know that it is in an array. It also has 3D Active Balance Plus which reduces vibration to the spinning platters which can reduce the reliability of the drive.

Western Digital is also adding free premium 24/7 dedicated support and a three year warranty for those who purchase the Red drives.

The new Western Digital Red drives come in 1TB (WD10EFRX), 2TB (WD20EFRX), and 3TB (WD30EFRX) variants and will set you back PhP4,995, PhP6,195, and PhP8,695 respectively.