Microsoft Wedge Mobile keyboard and Wedge Touch mouse unveiled

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Published on July 30, 2012 with No Comments

With Windows 8 just around the corner, Microsoft has released a couple of wireless peripherals designed to complement tablets and laptops. They will connect to via Bluetooth without the need for dongles – handy for reducing clutter when operating on the go. The products announced are the Wedge Mobile keyboard and Wedge Touch mouse, and the Sculpt Touch mouse and keyboard. The stars of the show would be the Wedge product line as the Sculpt line are upgrades of existing products.

First of, both the Wedge keyboard and mouse are sleek, minimalist, aluminum-clad devices designed to help mobile users. The Wedge Mobile keyboard may at first seem quite unassuming with its rubber cover, but that is where all its nifty tricks comes out. The soft rubber cover is meant to be placed on a tablet’s screen when on the move, while the keyboards battery slot doubles as a handy grip enabling you to carry both with ease. The cover also doubles as a stand for your tablet when folded in half. Another nifty trick of the cover is when placed on keyboard, powers down the unit acting somewhat like a power button. The Wedge Mobile keyboard will retail at $79.95.

The Wedge Touch mouse, which also makes use of Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology so that it works on virtually any surface, features a four-way directional touchpad. The Wedge Touch mouse will retail for $69.95.

The Sculpt series won’t look quite as good as the Wedges but still offer wireless connectivity and the ability to navigate through the Windows 8 UI easily. The Sculpt mouse features a four-way touch scroll strip, while the keyboard is full-sized and sports a removable wrist rest. Both of these retail at $49.95.