Gmail Video Chat replaced by Google+ Hangouts

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Published on July 31, 2012 with No Comments

Ever since the introduction of Gmail video chat back in 2008, it has been a beloved feature due to the direct and personal communication if provides to users. Now according to the Gmail team, they’re going to be upgrading the old video chat to its more modern counterpart Google+ Hangouts. Hangouts uses Google’s network to deliver a better video experience with enhanced quality as opposed to the peer-to-peer technology utilized by the old video chat. This upgrade is meant to enhance chatting with friends as you’ll be able to reach them through their social network Google+ or through their Android or iOS devices.

It could be said that this would be a way to promote their social network, but it seems like a good trade off. Hangouts can support up to nine people at once quite easily, making collaboration a breeze. Plus the funny little effects include virtual mustaches and pirate hats that make chatting a bit more fun.