Kuratas Mech, and Yes, We Want One!

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Published on August 01, 2012 with No Comments

Japan always gets the coolest toys and currently, that is the Kuratas Mech. In a story of Life imitating Art, someone–two of them–have actually built a real mech.

Unveiled at the Wonder Festival 2012 in Japan, the Kuratas (KR01) is a 4+ ton mech measuring a 13 feet tall. It is built by Suidobashi Heavy Industries from the designs of two people, Kogoro Kurata (artist) and Wataru Yoshizaki (researcher).

If you think that the Kuratas only a mock-up, think again. While still in its prototype stage, the Kuratas is already controllable, at least from the weight up. Videos such as the one below show the Kuratas move its arms and waist and can already be climbed in to.

Once completed the Kuratas will be able to go as fast as 10Km/h with its own diesel engine.

While it doesn’t use Microsoft Windows or OS X, it has it’s own OS called V-sido. The mech can either be controlled from within or through a 3G connection such as an iPhone–as demonstrated from the videos.

Whereas Sony cameras have a smile shot feature where the camera will take a photo when it detects everyone in focus are smiling, the Kuatas’ Smile Shot will let go of 6,000 BB rounds/second from its twin-Gatling gun when the pilot smiles. The Kuratas also has a rocket launcher that propels projectiles via hydro propulsion.

Obviously, we want one but at Y106,253,810 ($1,355,537.50), it’s a pretty expensive proposition.

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