Outlook.com – A look at a new personal email service

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Published on August 01, 2012 with No Comments

Microsoft has surprised us once again by unveiling a preview of a brand new version of Hotmail — Outlook.com. The product of Microsoft’s mission to reimagine the personal email — designed in the Metro style of Windows 8 — that seeks to give a modern twist to how we use our emails. Hotmail users need not worry as the old version will remain active. Existing Hotmail users may opt to upgrade to the preview version with the ability to rename an existing @hotmail.com address to @outlook.com, while new users can pick a new @outlook.com address.

The change stems from the need to break from the past and move towards a more cloud connected system. Outlook.com incorporates all its best features and more, including Exchange ActiveSync-capable clients and POP3. Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives and as such Outlook.com has found a way for both social media and email to co-exist. Outlook.com become the first email service that’s connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and in the near future, Skype. SkyDrive and Windows Live Calendar are available as well.

The new look is quite a big jump, with a clean and refreshing interface, free of unnecessary clutter. This simplification and minimalism comes from the fact that many use their email services on smartphones and tablets, thus cleaning up the interface leads to a better viewing experience.

Contact management in Outlook.com looks and work great. It imports contacts from your Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts and attempts to merge them into single contact cards.

Overall Outlook.com looks new, but underneath works just like the old Hotmail with a few bells and whistles attached. It feels like a pretty good update and it wouldn’t hurt to give it a test drive.