New Internet video standard HEVC

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Published on August 16, 2012 with No Comments

Technology has reached another level as a new MPEG video standard is coming soon called High Efficiency Video Coding. It will be twice as efficient as current standards, which means videos will have better quality while retaining a reasonable file size. HEVC will most probably arrive around next year.

According to Per Fröjdh, Manager for Visual Technology at Ericsson Research, “Video accounts for the vast majority of all data sent over networks, and that proportion is increasing: by 2015, it is predicted to account for 90 percent of all network traffic,”. As such the compression format has drawn a lot of interest from related industries such as the telecoms, computer, TV, and consumer electronics. The format will be able to deliver compression levels twice as high as the current H.264/AVC standard.

This means that in the future we would be able to stream videos with higher quality even faster.

According to Fröjdh the new standard “could be launched in commercial products as early as in 2013″, most probably in the mobile arena as adoption is much quicker.


Source: Gizmodo Image: CDRInfo