uTorrent backpedals, makes ads “optional” instead following user outcry

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Published on August 16, 2012 with No Comments

It seems uTorrent has heard what it’s users have been crying out and has decided to let them opt-out of ads that would be included in the newest update. This news comes after the company’s decision to include ads into its BitTorrent client, with a user base of around 125 million.

The ads would come in the form of sponsored torrents, which advertisers could use to reach uTorrent’s large user base. After announcing ad support, BitTorrent Inc. asked its users to voice their opinions on the matter, which resulted in a major backlash. Many users voiced their discontent with the decision.

The advertisements will still come with the newest update, but gives users the option to turn them off if they wish.


Source: TorrentFreak