Apple wins case against Samsung, awarded $1B

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Published on August 28, 2012 with No Comments

The trial between the two tech giants Apple and Samsung has ended, with the jury taking the side of Apple.    All nine jurors decided that Samsung has indeed infringed on Apple’s intellectual property and will be awarded at least $1,049,343,540. The jury also did not find Samsung’s allegations of infringement viable and as such will not be receiving anything in the process. Not a single Apple patent was found invalid by the jury which could have become Samsung’s saving grace.

Many Samsung devices were found by the jury to be infringing on various Apple patents such as the bounce-back feature, scrolling and two finger gestures, and tap-to-zoom features. Though trial wasn’t smooth-sailing for Apple as there were a few times where the jury did not side with them. The jury found that the trade dress complaints Apple made were not protectable or famous. Apple’s antitrust complaints against Samsung also didn’t push through as they were unable to prove the latter’s patents as illegitimate.

There was a reconsideration after the verdict concerning the final damages that were to be awarded to Apple. The original amount was to be $1,051,855,000, but Samsung pointed out that the amount included devices that had not infringed, thus the amount was lowered to $1,049,343,540.



Source: The Verge Images: Vicki Ellen Behringer