Dropbox competitor Maxxo adds BitTorrent support

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Published on August 29, 2012 with No Comments

Dropbox, the leading cloud hosting service with millions of users had previously supported a Dropbox app that allowed torrent downloading directly to Dropbox folders. Though the app was eventually banned due to piracy concerns. Budding company Maxxo however is unafraid of these concerns as they push through with native BitTorrent support.

Maxxo is a relatively new cloud-based online file sharing application that isn’t afraid to push boundaries by adding BitTorrent support. Starting this week the Croatian company will be supporting BitTorrent downloads allowing users to download files quickly, anonymously, and automatically synced to all connected devices.

Users simply drop a .torrent file into the Maxxo interface and with a simple right-click to start the download. Torrent downloads are routed through Maxxo servers so users are able to privately download files.

Maxxo offers free accounts that are limited to 5 GB of storage with a maximum of two simultaneous torrent downloads, while paid accounts can have up to ten at a time with higher limits. Maxxo is currently only a Windows only, but they are working on a Mac application and mobile device support.



Source: TorrentFreak