Apple to be sole maker of new iPhone dock connector adapters

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Published on September 06, 2012 with No Comments

It seems Apple is trying to corner the market for their new iPhone’s Dock Connector Adapters. Apple is said to have denied third-party proposals for connector-equipped accessories in the recent months, so at launch Apple will be the only one selling adapters for the moment. As reported by iLounge, the new connectors will be sold for about $10 while packs of three will sell for around $29, with Apple-branded USB cables for $19.

Third-party developers fear that Apple is trying to corner the market just as it did with MagSafe connectors for MacBook laptops, quashing less-expensive solutions from third-parties with the threat of lawsuits and licensing agreements. It is estimated that Apple will be making a hefty $100 million for every 10 million Dock Connector Adapters they sell at $10.



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