Flash bundled with Internet Explorer 10 exploitable

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Published on September 07, 2012 with No Comments

Windows 8 users that use the built-in Internet Explorer 10 might have a bad time it seems, as the included version of the Flash plugin is out of date. Adobe has already patched Flash to resolve known security flaws on August 21, but it can’t be applied to IE.

With IE 10 and Adobe Flash bundled, updates are now Microsoft’s responsibility as Adobe’s auto-update system isn’t usable, just like in Chrome where Flash is also embedded in the browser. The only way to update Flash in these browsers is through a browser update. Firefox users need not worry as Adobe’s auto-update system works on its standalone version.

Microsoft is said to be rolling out a new security update through Windows Update in the GA timeframe. GA refers to general availability which will be October 26th when Windows 8 goes on sale.



Source: Ars Technica