Lenovo’s answer to small-business PC management

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Published on September 07, 2012 with No Comments

Recently we here at Techindustriya were invited to learn about Lenovo’s SMB (small medium-sized business) oriented products and services.The two PC management services that we heard about were the Lenovo Solutions Center (LSC) and Lenovo Solutions for Small Business (LSSB) powered by Intel’s Small Business Advantage. Both services are available on Lenovo’s classic ThinkPad and ThinkPad Edge PCs.

The LSC and LSSB are meant to provide small-business owners a virtual help desk that provides helpful tips and alerts concerning their PCs. These services are meant to help simplify PC security and maintenance for users to help them focus more on their businesses, while having the peace of mind that their PCs are functioning at peak performance.

Lenovo Solutions Center assess software and hardware, diagnoses the problem to provide a fix before it affects the business owner. It can also be used as a security hub to manage virus protection, firewalls, and passwords, while having the ability to create backups, and update software. In case of a problem, the LSC provides the user with the information needed and give them access to Lenovo’s online support.

The Lenovo Solutions for Small Business focuses more on PC security on productivity to ensure PCs are running smoothly and virus-free. Security Monitor will monitor the PC’s virus protection services are running correctly and can alert the user in the event of a problem. USB Blocker aims to protect the PC by letting the business owner decide which USB devices can be used to protect any valuable data on hand.

After-hours Maintenance lets the owner decide on a convenient time for the PC to conduct updates, virus scanning, backing up files, and shutting down afterwards so as not to affect normal business operations. With Energy Saver, PCs can be scheduled to turn on and off to make sure that they are up and running once the business is open. Battery life can also be saved with custom features that only charge the battery when it reaches a specified point to prevent over-charging.

Overall the LSC and LSSB look quite good for users that don’t have specific IT departments and want to keep PCs running smoothly. It requires a small amount of time to set up and gives the user the peace of mind that their PCs are being managed while they focus on their business. It’s a great feature even if you aren’t a business owner and just don’t want to worry about your PC too much. Do note that both LSC and LSSB only work on Lenovo computers and will not work on other PCs.