Smart LTE Goes Multi-Band Promising More LTE Device Availability

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Published on September 07, 2012 with No Comments

Not even a month has passed and Smart is already making their LTE service multi-band. This allows more LTE devices compatible with Smart LTE.

When Smart LTE was launched last August, it only used the 2100MHz frequency which is the same as that used by NTT Docomo in Japan. This, unfortunately means that other LTE frequency devices used in different regions were incompatible with Smart. For example, an LTE smartphone or tablet from the US or in Europe will not take advantage of the LTE speeds the Smart is offering. You will just have to content with 3G or HSPA+.

This week, Smart added the 1800MHz frequency to Smart LTE. The 1800MHz frequency is the most used frequency for LTE and thus making devices from other regions compatible with Smart LTE. This also means that LTE devices will be easily available to the country because manufacturers would not have to create a special 2100MHz LTE version just for the Philippines.