Ubisoft turns back on always-on DRM

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Published on September 07, 2012 with No Comments

In an interview by Rock Paper Shotgun, Ubisoft, one of the more prominent DRM backers, turns back on their always-on DRM methods.

After years of consumer backlash due to their draconian DRM methods, Ubisoft has finally listened to feedback and changed their ways. Instead they have chosen to “require a one-time online activation when you first install the game, and from then you are free to play the game offline.” according to Ubisoft’s worldwide director for online games Stephanie Perotti.

The interview goes on to further discuss the data concerning piracy rates on PC games and how they’ve been affected by the company’s DRM methods. Though Ubisoft, as with other companies, continue to refuse to publish any concrete data concerning DRM efficacy.

With Ubisoft being one of the more vocal supporters of DRM, their move to step-back from their methods seem to point towards a failure to achieve their goals.

The interview ends with “Do you think it’s a fair conclusion to say that more extreme DRM has been a failure?” with Ubisoft’s Perotti answering with “We’ve heard you. We’ve heard customers. We want to find a balanced way to protect our IPs and our games, and at the same time trade off frustrations or issues for PC gamers, and improve the policies of our games and services. But I guess the answer is, we’re still discussing it.”



Source: Rock Paper Shotgun