Google releases standalone YouTube app for iOS devices

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Published on September 12, 2012 with No Comments

Just a day before the new iPhone is to be released, Google has released its first standalone iOS YouTube app. This comes after Apple announced that it would removing its built-in YouTube app in iOS 6, used by the upcoming iPhone.

Apple ditching the built-in YouTube app in iOS 6 is just another step they’ve taken to distance themselves from Google. They’ve also ditched the Google Maps-powered Maps app and produced its own mapping service. iPhone and iPod touch users can get the YouTube app in the AppStore now.

The new app has a variety of features such as the YouTube channel guide, faster search tools, and the ability to share video links via text, email, or social media.The 7.5MB app works with iOS 4.3 and above on both iPhone and iPad. They’re also working on optimizing a native iPad version in the coming months.



Source:  Google Official Blog