Nintendo Wii U out on Dec 8th in Japan, Nov 18th in the US

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Published on September 14, 2012 with No Comments

Nintendo first announced that their new console the Nintendo Wii U will be out in December 8th in Japan with a starting cost of ¥26,600 (around $340 or ₱14,000). Nintendo president Satoru Iwata broke the news through Nintendo Direct’s video stream. Then Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime announced that the console would ship on November 18th in the US and in Europe later that month starting at $300, a bit cheaper than its Japanese counterpart.

The two models launched were the basic set (only in white) and the premium set (only in black) model, priced at $300 and $350. The premium set comes with 32GB of memory instead of the 8GB in the basic set. The console’s memory is expandable via USB. With the premium set you get the console, GamePad, a charging stand, play stand, a stand for the Wii U and “Nintendo Land”, a compilation of 12 popular Nintendo games.


Wii U GamePads will come with both sets, but will not include the classic Wii controllers which are can be used to control the console as well. According to Nintendo this compatibility is due to the availability of classic Wii controllers due to the popularity of the previous console.

What sets the Wii U apart from other consoles in the market is it’s new tablet-like Wii U GamePads. The Wii U console prides itself on its asymmetrical gameplay and the ability to play the console entirely on the GamePad.



Source: Engadget