Could we be seeing a world where we don’t need to log-in?

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Published on September 18, 2012 with No Comments

It would seem Google is working on just that, as a Google software developer Tim Bray hints in a personal blog post. A way to access the multitude of sites and services on the internet without the hassle of going through either creating another account or remembering yet another password.

“Logging in is annoying and slows you down. My job these days is mostly about reducing that pain, ideally to zero by eliminating it. Google really wants this to happen” Bray says in the post.

According to Bray there actually is a need for such a solution because sites that have added log-in steps generally garner less clicks as users would rather go to something more familiar. When he asked people why they did so, they said “Oh, if I found something good on a random site out there I’d have to log in, and either remember my stupid password or fight through the stupid sign-up page.”

Such a system would be beneficial to the Google ecosystem as users would be directed to more specific solutions and ads could be maximized towards the right customers. Though consolidating this log-in data seems like a good idea, it also poses a security threat when exposed as it has access to all kinds of personal data. How Google deals with such issues will have to be seen, but I for one am optimistic for such a system.



Source: BGR