Hands-on with iPhone 5 Cases from Otterbox

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Published on September 20, 2012 with No Comments

The Otterbox Prefix (left) and the Defender (right) compared to the Apple iPhone 4S.

At an Otterbox event earlier today, I was set aside by one of the people of Otterbox and asked me if I wanted to take a peek at their cases for the upcoming iPhone 5. As you can see from the photos, I was able to get a hands-on of the iPhone 5…cases.

The Otterbox Defender compared to the Apple iPhone 4S.

On hand are the Defender and the Prefix cases. The cases are compared with the iPhone 4S and while the smartphone might fit into the cases, it won’t because of the longer form factor of the new smartphone. There is around a half inch to an inch of empty space length-wise. On the other hand, width-wise, the 4S fits perfectly snug.

The Otterbox Prefix compared to the Apple iPhone 4S.

While the Defender nor the Prefix isn’t the iPhone 5, both do give an idea of how Apple’s latest smartphone will fit in the hand and in the pocket.

As for the cases, they are as solid and sturdy as any of the other Otterbox cases. Unfortunately, no prices were given as well as availability.