Report corrupt MMDA practices with Metro Solusyon

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Published on September 20, 2012 with No Comments

In recent times, the MMDA has been stepping up its online presence to the public, with its MMDA Traffic Navigator system and their prominent Twitter presence. Now they’ve done it again with the launch of their newest service, the Metro Solusyon website that allows people to officially report complaints against corrupt or illegal activities done by MMDA personnel.

MMDA hopes to help eradicate corruption in the streets by encouraging & strengthening citizen participation. According to the MMDA all reports will be processed legally through the site. You have to be registered before you start using the service as under the Civil Service Commission Rules, Rule XIV Section 3 states that “No action shall be taken on anonymous complaints unless there is obvious truth or merit to the allegations set forth in the complaint.”

Reports have to have complete details to prompt an investigation. Requirements for the report are:

  • Full name of the person being complained about
  • A narration of relevant and material facts which show
  • The act or omission allegedly committed
  • Pictures / MMS / Videos