Apple seeks US ban for Samsung phones, additional $707 million in damages

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Published on September 24, 2012 with No Comments

Apple isn’t satisfied over its $1.5 billion win over Samsung as they have filed for a permanent US ban on all Samsung products that infringed on their patents, with an additional total of $707 million in damages.

The top two smartphone giants are locked in patent battles across the globe as they fight for the top spot. Both will be entrenched in another legal battle as Samsung has responded to Apple’s sales ban by asking for a new trial.

Apple filed for a motion late Friday time asking for a further $400 million in damages for design infringement; $135 million for willful infringement of its utility patents; $121 million in supplemental damages based on Samsung sales not covered by the jury’s decisions; and $50 million of prejudgment interest on damages through December 31 for a total of $707 million.

Apple is looking for a total sales ban on “any of the infringing products or any other product with a feature or features not more than colorably different from any of the infringing feature or features in any of the Infringing Products.” With Apple looking for such a wide-ranging sales ban, the Galaxy S III could be in the cross-hairs as well.

In response to the injunction, Samsung has asked for a new trial to be held due to “”The Court’s constraints on trial time, witnesses and exhibits were unprecedented for a patent case of this complexity and magnitude, and prevented Samsung from presenting a full and fair case in response to Apple’s many claims,”.



Source: Reuters