iOS Maps not off to a great start

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Published on September 24, 2012 with No Comments

Recently Apple released their latest update iOS 6, which came with a brand new iOS Maps app replacing Google Maps. As evidenced by the numerous articles about the Maps app, it wasn’t as well received as Apple had hoped with the app exhibiting major problems across the board.

In their latest update Apple has chosen to remove Google Maps and various other Google services from iOS. Maps was created to become their own in-house map system replacing Google Maps, though being a relatively new service it is quite lacking. Apple partnered with various navigation system providers to gather their data such as Tom Tom and various others.

Maps were generally incomplete with some countries having almost no map details at all. Their Flyover function had warped images at times and locations were missing or placed in the wrong area. What Apple got right was their turn-by-turn navigation that Google Maps didn’t have.

Apple has acknowledged that Maps does have problems, they believe that it will only get better with time. It does seem that Maps is quite unpolished, uncharacteristic of the Cupertino company. Critics have lumped iOS Maps problems with the iPhone 4’s antenna snafu back in 2010.

Various sites have started to archive the many faults iOS Maps has including Tumblr site The Amazing iOS 6 Maps.



Image Source: The Amazing iOS 6 Maps