The iPad’s Multimedia Pair, O!music Powow+

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Published on September 24, 2012 with No Comments

If there is anything to be said about Apple’s tablet, the iPad, is it is a great device to watch videos on the go. With its large screen and powerful processor, one can hang out at a coffee shop and watch videos all day — or at least until the battery needs recharging.

If there ever was any downside to watching videos on the iPad is that the built-in speaker on the tablet is inadequate. Sure, you could use a set of earphones but what if you want to share the video experience with a loved one or a party? This is where the Ozaki O!music Powow+ comes in to play.

The O!music Powow+ is both a protective casing for the iPad as well as a speaker system that connects to the tablet via Bluetooth. The O!music Powow+ clips at the back of the iPad and the portable speaker magnetically snap to the back of the case.

When in use, the cover becomes a stand and the speaker fits at the back of the iPad to give you better sound then the built-in speaker to share. Ozaki claims that the speaker will last for 20 hours before the need of a recharge.

The Ozaki O!music Powow+ is available for PhP6,499.