World of Warcraft rolls out Mists of Pandaria

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Published on September 25, 2012 with No Comments

World of Warcraft rolls out its fourth expansion, Mists of Pandaria in a midnight release for Europe and the US. It has been eleven months since Blizzard announced the fourth expansion at Blizzcon 2011 as they try to regain some lost subscribers. Blizzard returns to the core principles of their Warcraft franchise, focusing on the Alliance and Horde conflict.

Beta testing has been available since March and public testing has been available since July.

With this new expansion, a variety of new features have been included to the game. The new expansion focuses on the hidden island of Pandaria along with its native inhabitants, the Pandaren. Pandaren, the very panda-like humanoids were first introduced to the Warcraft franchise back in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.

Mists of Pandaria introduces seven new zones and increases the level cap from 85 to 90. The martial arts based Pandaren are the newest playable classes in the game, which tie in to the newly introduced Monk class. The Monk class has three paths to choose from: a Brewmaster (Tanks), Windwalker (melee DPS), or a Mistweaver (healer).

Another feature is the Talent revamp that was meant to change the cookie cutter style of talents before. Now the Talent system is more adaptive and can be changed on the fly, depending on the situation. PVE and PVP have also had major injections of new content with six new dungeons and two new PVP battlegrounds.



Source: Images: Blizzard