Smart says “joint use” of Bayantel and Globe illegal

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Published on October 03, 2012 with No Comments

Smart Communications, Inc. is opposing the “joint use” agreement by Globe Telecom and Bayan Telecommunications, Inc. under which Globe will be able to “illegally” use mobile phone frequencies assigned to Bayantel.

In response, Smart is calling on the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to recall frequencies assigned to Bayantel, as required by NTC rules, because of their failure to utilize these frequencies to provide mobile phone services to the public. The frequencies assigned to Bayantel are on the 1800 MHz Band.

“The NTC should then offer these frequencies to all interested and qualified applicants in an open and competitive bidding process,” said Smart’s head of Legal and Regulatory Department Enrico L. Espanol.

Espanol points out that Bayantel has not been using these frequencies for at least one year, failing to provide service to the public and thus should be recalled. He states that the government does not give the operator a vested property right over the frequency, but “are merely given the temporary privilege of using them.”

An agreement between Globe and Bayantel would become an “enormous loss of government revenues as the latter would be deprived of income resulting from a competitive auction among interested bidders.” said Espanol.



Image: EMF News