Sony VAIO E14 Notebook Review

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Published on October 23, 2012 with No Comments

Sony recently released their refreshed VAIO E series laptops with a variety of stylish exterior colors to choose from. Marketed as ‘lifestyle’ portables, read on and find out if it really is the perfect laptop for general purpose users.

The unit we got was the SVE14118FGB equipped with a Ivy Bridge-based Intel Core i7 Processor rated at 2.10 Ghz but can be boosted via Turbo Boost to go up to 3.10 GHz; comes with 4GB DDR3 RAM, upgradeable to 8GB; 640GB SATA 5400rpm storage; and a dedicated 1GB AMD Radeon HD7550M graphics card. It comes preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit edition.

Based on the spec sheet alone, it is a no brainer that this laptop can do a lot more than your basic computing needs like word processing, web browsing and streaming needs. During the time that the laptop was in TechIndustriya’s hands, I managed to do my usual photo processing routine using several photo editing applications with ease. It would have some hiccups from time to time when handling larger files, which should have been solved if it just came with 8GB RAM straight out of the box.

One thing that I like about it is the multi-gesture touchpad, its responsiveness doesn’t disappoint that you can actually do most of your web browsing without the need of an external pointing device.

Meanwhile, the built-in camera ‘Gesture Control’ is pretty disappointing since it is not as easy to operate/use, it’s suppose to let the user interact with the laptop through a series of hand movements that is capture by the camera on the laptop, like flicking through web pages or picture galleries, you can even play music using the said feature. The Gesture Control might have a great potential for home theatre PCs as an alternative to remote controls but I don’t really see it as something that you’d look for in a laptop simply because the keyboard and the trackpad is right in front of the user already.

Thanks to Sony’s exclusive ‘xLOUD’ and ‘Clear Phase’ technologies, movie and audio playback is smooth and loud enough compared to other notebooks, video output doesn’t experience any problems even when plugged in to an HDTV via its HDMI out port.

The battery lasted about less than 4-hours with moderate use and display set to 80% brightness, performing near its advertised 4.5-hour life. It does come with a 9-hour rated ‘L’ battery option for heavy usage. Considering the laptop’s size and price, it should have been packed with a battery that had more life.

Lastly, ever since I’ve start to get interested in gadgets, it is common knowledge that stuff from Sony almost always have a steep price range, unfortunately this one also applies to the E series laptop that we reviewed. With a price tag of PhP54,999, it’s one of the main factors that will deter people from buying this laptop, not that it’s not worth its price, it’s just that competitors are offering laptops that’s a spec or two above it.

Plus: Smooth performance

Minus: Battery life and price

Bottomline: The VAIO SVE141 Series laptop can definitely tackle your light to moderate computing tasks with ease, although some of its pre-installed software runs a bit slow from time to time, but nonetheless, I don’t see it as a major concern for those that will be getting this laptop.

Rating: 7/10