Android gets an upgrade to 4.2, stays Jelly Bean

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Published on October 30, 2012 with No Comments

Unlike its predecessors who got a tasty new name when upgraded, Android 4.2 has retained the Jelly Bean moniker.



The new flavor of Jelly Bean has a bevy of new features such as pull down menus for notifications and quick settings, and multiple user profile support. Multiple user support can give each user their own personal space, useful for tablets with many users. This feature is only available on tablets, such as the Nexus 10.

Daydream acts somewhat like a screensaver and displays useful information while the device is idle or docked. The new Android 4.2 allows wireless display, displaying anything on your screen on an HDTV with a connected wireless display adapter.Type without lifting your fingers with Gesture Typing. Photo capturing has been bumped up with Photo Sphere, a 360-degree panoramic shooting mode that captures everything around you.

The big feature is the inclusion of Google Now, which gives you information through “Cards” such as the weather today before you start the day, or when the next train arrives at your station. It also scans your Gmail for relevant information such as flight numbers and restaurant reservations, and reminds you of them.



Source: Google