Apple gets design patent on rectangles with rounded corners

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Published on November 09, 2012 with No Comments

Remember how Apple argued that Samsung copied its iPad designs, something about rectangles with rounded corners, the interface design, and all that other stuff? They won that case by the way. Well we’re here to focus on the portable rectangular device with rounded corners aspect because the US Patent and Trademark Office has recently issued design patent no. D670,286 to Apple.

The image above may look like that the patent is trying to encapsulate the entirety of the rectangular device with rounded corners, including the home button for example as in previous patents, but no it doesn’t. The “broken lines in the Figures show portions of the portable display device which forms no part of the claimed design.” This means that the design patent focuses entirely on the peripheral edge of the device.

Granted that it is an extremely vague and broad patent that possibly couldn’t stand a chance in court, this could be an exploratory move by Apple to see just how far they can get with a patent.