JAM with Chrome’s online music app

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Published on November 09, 2012 with No Comments

Want to jam out like Keyboard Cat and his friends? Well here’s your chance as Google Chrome introduces their newest online music app, JAM. It is an interactive web application that lets you play music in real time with your friends wherever they are on their own Chrome browers.

With a selection of 19 different instruments from guitars, drums and keyboards, you can jam with your friends wherever you are. Its default “easy mode”, great for musical beginners lets you experiment with individual strings, drum pads or keys, or play around with the autoplay functions. Switching to “pro mode” lets you unleash your inner musician and play your instrument via the keyboard.

The JAM app showcases a bevy of HTML5 features such as the Web Audio API, Websockets, Canvas, and CSS3. Web Audio API makes sure you get high audio quality to produce precise combinations of sound without processing individual audio streams from each band member. Websockets lets you users interact in a responsive two-way conversation with the server, synchronizing your JAM session. Canvas controls the way you see the instruments, for example how your guitar string vibrates is modeled after how you strum and the band’s harmonics.

Up to three friends can be invited into your JAM session via the share buttons. So what are you waiting for, invite some friends and start jamming!