Samsung wants to know the details of HTC Apple settlement

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Published on November 19, 2012 with No Comments

Looks like Samsung is just as curious as everyone else about the undisclosed patent settlement agreement between HTC and Apple. As reported by Reuters, Samsung filed paperwork asking a US judge to force Apple to turn over a copy of the HTC agreement. They argued that it is “almost certain” that the deal covers some of the patents involved in their patent war against Apple.

Previously, Apple had chosen a few Samsung products to ban after winning one of their legal battles.  The sales ban hearing is to be set next month in San Jose, California. To secure a sales ban, Apple would need to show that the copying by Samsung caused them irreparable harm and that money, by itself is not enough compensation. But judges are more reluctant to issue a sales ban if the issue could be resolved through a licensing agreement, like the one Apple and HTC entered.

Experts have said is was unlikely that HTC would agree to the settlement unless it included all the patents. Samsung is now arguing that since Apple is open to licensing, money should be more than enough compensation and a sales ban would be unnecessary.



Source: Reuters