Yahoo! and Facebook in talks for new search engine

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Published on November 19, 2012 with No Comments

According to sources, Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo! and Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, have been in talks about how the two companies could collaborate once again on web-based search, reports The Telegraph.

Continuing their previous collaborations, the two companies are in talks of how they could mutually benefit in a new deal. Facebook would be able to increase its search capabilities so that users wouldn’t have to use another service and the data gained would help them target advertising more efficiently. Yahoo! would benefit from Facebook’s vast amount of users to give it a boost to catch up to Google. A collaboration would also give Yahoo!, who has been having problems as chief executives have been coming and going in the past two years, the opportunity to recruit top-tier programmers.

With a partnership like this, the two tech giants could become a serious threat to the current market leader Google. Under threat is also Yahoo!’s relationship with Microsoft, whose Bing search engine powers Yahoo!’s search results, while Yahoo! focuses on search advertising. Insiders have said that the relationship has been strained as Microsoft has been unable to attract the right people to compete against Google. Yahoo! has a depleted talent pool of programmers so a partnership with Facebook could be a way to revitalize themselves.



Source: The Telegraph