Brave Robotics builds 1/12 scale Transformer [UPDATE]

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Published on November 29, 2012 with No Comments

Ever dreamed of one day seeing a real-life Transformer? It looks like the Japanese might already be working on it. Japanese hobbyist robotic researchers Brave Robotics started to create transformable robots back in 2002 with their ROBO-ONE. Now they’re up to the 1/12 scale Version 7.2 which walks by itself, drive-able and steerable, and runs on a Li-Po battery. The group is quite ambitious and they plan to hopefully release a 1/1 scale transformable robot by 2030 that anyone can ride and powered by a super AI system. The folks at Brave Robotics are quite resourceful, even building their own 3D printer, so a future with transformable vehicles could be a reality.

While your waiting for 2030, you can have your own 1/12 scale transformable robot now. Brave Robotics currently have 10 Version 7.2 robots on sale now. They’re already pre-built and programmed, but you can still choose the body color. It comes with a numbered robot case, wireless controller, batteries, and motion editing software. Delivery time is a month and prices are on request.

UPDATE: Each Transform Robot Version7.2 costs  ¥1,980,000 or about $24,000 and takes a month to ship.